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Corazon Aquino - Wikipedia Talambuhay ng dating pangulong corazon aquino aquino's emotional speech "mom i'm sorry we are not okay". Q4 lesson 32 benigno simeon c. Despite the implementation of CARP, Aquino was not spared from the controversies that eventually centered on Hacienda Luisita , a 6,hectare estate located in the Province of Tarlac , which she, together with her siblings inherited from her father Jose Cojuangco Don Pepe.

Critics argued that Aquino bowed to pressure from relatives by allowing stock redistribution under Executive Order Instead of land distribution, Hacienda Luisita reorganized itself into a corporation and distributed stock. As such, ownership of agricultural portions of the hacienda were transferred to the corporation, which in turn, gave its shares of stocks to farmers. The arrangement remained in force until , when the Department of Agrarian Reform revoked the stock distribution scheme adopted in Hacienda Luisita, and ordered instead the redistribution of a large portion of the property to the tenant-farmers.

The Department stepped into the controversy when in , violence erupted over the retrenchment of workers in the Hacienda, eventually leaving seven people dead. During her last two years in office, President Aquino's administration faced series of natural disasters and calamities. Among these were the Luzon earthquake , which left around 1, people dead and the volcanic eruption of what was then thought to be a dormant Mount Pinatubo , which was the second largest terrestrial eruption of the 20th century, killing around people and causing widespread long-term devastation of agricultural lands in Central Luzon.

On November 8, Aquino declared all of Leyte a disaster area. During Aquino's presidency, electric blackouts became common in Manila. The capital experienced blackouts lasting 7—12 hours, bringing numerous businesses to a halt. Corazon Aquino's decision to mothball the Bataan Nuclear Plant built during the Marcos administration contributed to the power crisis in the s, as the megawatts capacity of the plant was enough to cover the shortfall at that time.

When 15 farmers staging a peaceful rally in Mendiola were gunned down by the military under Aquino on January 22, during the Mendiola Massacre , Jose Diokno , head of the Presidential Committee on Human Rights and chairman of the government panel in charge of negotiations with rebel forces resigned from his two government posts in deep disgust and great sadness.

His daughter Maris said, "It was the only time we saw him near tears.

In his letter to Cory, he said: From 16, NPA regular when Marcos fell, the communists now claim an armed strength of 25, From city to countryside, anarchy has spread. There is anarchy within the government, anarchy within the ruling coalesced parties, and anarchy in the streets.

Death and funeral of Corazon Aquino

Corazon Aquino's Finance Minister, Jaime Ongpin , who successfully advocated against not paying debt incurred during Marcos' administration, [52] was later dismissed by Cory Aquino and later died in an apparent suicide in December after "he had been depressed about infighting in Aquino's cabinet and disappointed that the 'People Power' uprising which had toppled dictator Ferdinand Marcos had not brought significant change". In part due to Marcos' excesses, the framers of the Constitution limited the president to a single six-year term, with no possibility of re-election.

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As the end of her presidency drew near, close advisers and friends told Aquino that since she was not inaugurated under the Constitution, she was still eligible to seek the presidency again in the upcoming elections , the first presidential elections held under normal and peaceful circumstances since However, Aquino strongly declined the requests for her to seek reelection and wanted to set an example to both citizens and politicians that the presidency was not a lifetime position.

Initially, she named Ramon V. Mitra , a friend of her husband Ninoy and then Speaker of the Philippine House of Representatives , as her candidate for the presidential race in However, she later on backtracked and instead threw her support behind the candidacy of her defense secretary and EDSA Revolution hero, General Fidel V.

Corazon Aquino - Wikipedia

Ramos, who constantly stood by and defended her government from the various coup attempts and rebellions that were launched against her. Her sudden change of mind and withdrawal of support from Mitra drew criticism not only from her supporters in the liberal and social democratic sectors but also from the Roman Catholic Church, which questioned her anointing of Ramos since the latter was a Protestant. Nevertheless, Aquino's candidate eventually won the elections, albeit with only On June 30, , President Aquino formally and peacefully handed over power to Ramos, after six years of hard-fought democratic transition and restoration.

After the inauguration of the new President, Aquino chose to leave by riding in a simple white Toyota Crown she had purchased, rather than the lavish government-issued Mercedes Benz which she and Ramos had ridden in on the way to the ceremonies, to make the point that she was once again an ordinary citizen.


After Aquino retired to private life following the end of her term she remained active in the Philippine political scene, constantly voicing opposition and dissent to government actions and policies, which she deemed as threats to the liberal traditions and democratic foundations of the country. In , Aquino, together with Cardinal Jaime Sin , led a huge rally which succeeded in thwarting then President Fidel Ramos' attempt to extend his term by amending the Constitution's restriction on presidential term limits.

In , Aquino endorsed the candidacy of former police general and Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim for president. Lim, however, lost to then Vice-President Joseph Estrada , who won by a landslide. In , Aquino joined the mounting calls for Estrada to resign from office, amid strong allegations of bribery charges and gambling kickbacks and a series of corruption scandals, which eventually led to his unsuccessful impeachment in December of that year.

In , after a series of revelations and exposes alleged and implicated President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo in rigging the presidential elections , Aquino called on Macapagal-Arroyo to resign in order to prevent bloodshed, violence and further political deterioration. In the senatorial elections , Aquino actively campaigned for the senatorial bid of her only son, Noynoy Aquino , who ran successfully.

She apologized to former President Joseph Estrada for the role she played in his ouster in Shortly after leaving the presidency, Aquino traveled abroad, giving speeches and lectures on issues of democracy, development, human rights and women empowerment. In , Aquino attended the wake and funeral of Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta , whom she met during the latter's visit in Manila in Aside from being visible in various political gatherings and demonstrations, Aquino was heavily involved in several charitable activities and socio-economic initiatives.

From until her death, Aquino was chairperson of the Benigno S. Foundation which she set up in her husband's honor right after his brutal assassination in Further, she supported other causes such as the Gawad Kalinga social housing project for the poor and homeless. In , Aquino helped establish the PinoyME Foundation, a non-profit organization which aims to provide microfinancing programs and projects for the poor.

She was also a lifelong member of the Council of Women World Leaders , an international organization of former and current female heads of state and government. She also studied painting, and would occasionally give away her paintings to friends and family. In some events, Aquino auctioned her painting and gave all of the money to charity.

She never sold her art for her own profit. On March 24, , Aquino's family announced that the former President had been diagnosed with colorectal cancer. Upon her being earlier informed by her doctors that she had only three months to live, [63] she pursued medical treatment and chemotherapy. A series of healing Masses for Aquino a devout Catholic were held throughout the country intended for her recovery.

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In a public statement during one healing Mass on May 13, , Aquino said that her blood tests indicated that she was responding well to treatment; her hair and appetite loss were apparent. By July , Aquino was reported to be in very serious condition, suffering from loss of appetite, and was confined to the Makati Medical Center.

Aquino died in the Makati Medical Center at 3: Upon learning of Aquino's death, then incumbent President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo , who was then on a state visit to the United States, announced a day mourning period for the former President and issued Administrative Order No.

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All churches in the Philippines celebrated requiem masses simultaneously throughout the country and all government offices flew the Philippine flag at half mast. On August 3, , Aquino's body was transferred from La Salle Greenhills to Manila Cathedral in Intramuros , during which hundreds of thousands of Filipinos lined the streets to view and escort the former leader's body.

On the way to the Cathedral, Aquino's funeral cortege passed along Ayala Avenue in Makati, stopping in front of the monument to her husband Ninoy, where throngs of mourners gathered and sang the patriotic protest anthem " Bayan Ko ". Following her death, all Roman Catholic dioceses in the country held requiem Masses. Villegas , and other high-ranking clergymen concelebrating. Aquino's daughter Kris spoke on behalf of her family towards the end of the Mass. Aquino's funeral procession took more than eight hours to reach the burial site, as tens of thousands of civilians lined the route to pay their respects.

Philippine Air Force UH-1 helicopters showered the procession with yellow confetti and ships docked at Manila's harbour blared their sirens, all to salute the late President,. Both local and international leaders showed respect for Aquino's achievements in the process of democratization in the Philippines.

Various politicians across the political spectrum expressed their grief and praise for the former Philippine leader. President Arroyo, once an ally of Aquino, remembered the sacrifices she made for the country and called her a "national treasure. He also described Aquino as the "Philippines' most loved woman. Former Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile , Aquino's defense minister and later fierce critic, asked the public to pray for her eternal repose. Ordinary Filipinos throughout the country wore either yellow shirts or held masses for Aquino as their way of paying tribute to the woman who once led them in a revolution that changed the course of their country's history.

Yellow Ribbons, which were once used during Aquino's battle with Marcos, were tied along major national roads and streets as a sign of solidarity and support for the now deceased Aquino and her grieving family. In popular social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter , Filipinos posted yellow ribbons in their accounts as a tribute to the former Philippine leader.

Following her death, Filipino Catholics called on the Church to have Aquino canonized and declared as a saint. During her lifetime, Aquino was known and praised for her strong spirituality and sincere devotion to the Catholic faith. Across the globe, messages of sympathy and solidarity with the Filipino people were sent by various heads of state and international leaders. Pope Benedict XVI , in his letter to Archbishop Rosales, recalled Aquino's "courageous commitment to the freedom of the Filipino people, her firm rejection of violence and intolerance" and called her a woman of courage and faith.

President Barack Obama , through White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs , said that "her courage, determination, and moral leadership are an inspiration to us all and exemplify the best in the Filipino nation". Secretary of State Hillary Clinton expressed sadness over the passing of Aquino, to whom she had sent a personal letter of best wishes for recovery while she was still in hospital in July Clinton said that Aquino was "admired by the world for her extraordinary courage" in leading the fight against dictatorship.

She also added, "I send my sincere condolences to her family and to the people of the Philippines. Furthermore, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev , in a telegram to President Arroyo, said that "the name of Corazon Aquino is associated with a period of profound reforms and the democratic transformation of Filipino society". Medvedev also lauded Aquino's sympathy to Russian people and her contribution to the improvement of Russian-Filipino relations. After her release from imprisonment for almost 20 years, Aung San Suu Kyi , Burma's democratic opposition leader, publicly stated that Aquino is one of her inspirations as she continues to champion the cause of democracy in Myanmar.

She has also expressed her good wishes for Aquino's son, then incumbent Philippine president Benigno S. After leaving the presidency, Aquino received several awards and citations. Aquino was a main character in Boy Noriega 's stage comedy Bongbong at Kris Bongbong and Kris , about an imagined romantic coupling between the only son of Ferdinand Marcos and the youngest daughter of the Aquinos. In the movie Alfredo Lim: She was also portrayed by Geraldine Malacaman in the musical play Lean. In the defunct comedy gag show Ispup , Madz Nicolas played a parodized version of Aquino who often reminisces about life with Ninoy.

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Entitled Cory, the Musical , it was written and directed by Nestor Torre and featured a libretto of 19 original songs composed by Lourdes Pimentel, wife of Senator Aquilino Pimentel. Maria portrayed daughter Kris Aquino. In , the exhibit, A Gift of Self , was showcased in commemoration of Aquino's 4th death anniversary. The exhibit featured 30 of Aquino's paintings, all exuding her signature bold strokes and floral motifs which she based on her memory of the revolution and her love for haiku. President Corazon Aquino ended her term in with the country reeling under severe power shortage crisis.

It was the offshoot of her administration's failure to provide replacement for the more than MW of electricity foregone with the government's decision to mothball the Bataan nuclear power plant BNPP. As the guiding light of the People Power Revolution, Corazon Aquino is fondly remembered and deeply revered by most Filipinos as the "mother of Philippine democracy", [97] and the "housewife who led a revolution".