Dating guys 4 years older

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Older Men Dating Younger Women: What Online Dating Data Tells Us

We are talking only a few years,like 21 and 24 or something like that If you ever did can you share your experiences. I'm a single mom. I need to be with someone who is gainfully employed, independent, and responsible. There is often a period after college where a lot of people are still really into the party scene.

Even if someone is my age or even older, if they are still into that, they are not at the same stage in their life as I am. I'll be 26 next week. It's not unheard of for a guy in his early 20s to have his life together, it's just not very common. One million upvotes for you.

My guy is 7 years older than me, but we met the first day of graduate school. I like guys who are at a similar maturity level as me. I've dated guys in their 30s who have thrown temper tantrums and men younger than me that have it much more together than I do. Age and maturity are two separate things. And they will voice all the reasons to justify their choice. But the moment they realize they are going to hit the wall aka 30yrs or above, they despise every men who date 20 or early 20 something years old girls. Exactly what game did I start?

My entire comment said I am open to dating men younger or older than me, it is entirely dependent on maturity level. At no point did I comment on the concept of men older than me dating women younger than me. You literally did not understand a single thing I wrote. I think it is weird when men date girls.

I would assume they would want to date women. Either way, it seems like you aren't bitter Because evolutionally speaking you have to cause your chance is getting rarer than let's say when you were in your early 20's. And What is your defination of ''girls''?

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Not a bitter, but just wearing my critcal cap. Thank you for the biology lesson. I realize that you think my "value to men" has evaporated. I was never at any point in this thread seeking your advice or anyone else's. I've dated guys who were younger than me, as well as older. I find older guys to be more likely to have their lives together and be more ambitious.

I don't like to feel like I'm babysitting. I don't have a preference. My guy is just a year older than myself. I like a guy for who they are not their age.

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If they were a few years older and we hit it off then I'd be open to it. I'd prefer slightly older or same age. Much older means he was born and raised in another generation and it may mean we're unable to see eye to eye on a few things that otherwise may be important to getting along well.

Not to mention I want to experience a lot of "firsts" with someone, and if I date someone in their mid 30s as a 24 year-old, they may have already been there, done that. A friend of mine is dating someone in their 30s as a 23 year-old. There are a lot of things she finds fun that he's just flat out uninterested in. He never wants to come to our holiday parties or watch the Super Bowl with us, leaving my friend a 3rd or 5th wheel most of the time.

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He'd rather just do is own cool adult thing most of the time. He just thinks we're young and lame. Especially considering we're from Seattle. If there's a time for coming together and being with friends, it was Sunday. But he opted to watch at home. I don't really care for football or people or parties, but I'd still go and have fun if my SO was invited.

I don't know this dude but he might be like me and hate watching sports with other people especially a game as big as the Super Bowl which many people treat more as an entertainment event than a game. Or he could be an asshole. I want to experience a lot of "firsts" with someone, and if I date someone in their mid 30s as a 24 year-old, they may have already been there, done that.

The Truth About Dating Older or Younger Guys | Her Campus

I'm 27, I've been in relationships for about 5 months of my life; I still have a lot of firsts I want to share with someone. I'm also way over anal. I always date guys who are 2 years older OR younger than me. I haven't dated anyone out of that range. Age isn't the first thing I look for, but older guys are usually more mature and successful which are things I find attractive.

Most of the guys I've dated have been older than me.

No, if anything I prefer same age, but same lifestage matters more than being 24 vs being 23 or I do, my boyfriend is going to be 29 in a month and I'm We have a fantastic relationship and have been together for over two years now. No major issues have presented themselves, age related or otherwise. I started dating a guy 10 years older than me me- mid 20s, him- mid 30s.