Dawngate matchmaking queue

Post your preferred server and your in-game name in bold the thread to have it added to the OP!

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Playgrounders love to stick together. Lillin, the Old Guard http: She's the Divinity shaper, apparently. You did not emphasize the lore enough. But then, it's pretty much impossible to emphasize the lore enough when it comes to Dawngate.

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Dandelion is an excellent writer, and the voice actors they've hired for the audio lore pieces do a great job. Moya's audio lore's fraught with emotion. And I always get a chuckle out of Raina's audio lore and Just download the game and grant yourself an evening where you just listening to that audio lore.

It is well worth it. Anyway, I'm Skilvrel and I sometimes hang out on the European servers though haven't had time to play much as of late. Alright, Maryring, I added you to the OP. Good to see that I'm not actually the only person who plays! And, yes, I don't think it's possible to emphasize the lore enough. It's so deep; I keep looking through the Chronicles and finding little bits hidden in the background; it's delicious.

It might not have all the champs of LoL, and it lacks some "nice stuff TM" like a refund button. But the two-lane system with a huge jungle is a lot of fun, and the fact that they actually put focus on the lore, rather than pay lip service to it like they do with LoL, is a huge part of why I love the game.

So apparently new ghost horse rock wizard lady is incredibly, perfectly balanced. She can just delete somebody every time her ult comes up because of the ludicrous amounts of bonus damage and penetration she gets. I'm waiting for the nerfs to hit because nobody should be able to instagib a full-build tank with one rotation.

Waystone is good at many things. Shapers balanced right out of the bag is not one of them. RIP in peace Dawngate.

Dawngate Highlights - This Is Why Dawngate Is Amazing!

I was really enjoying the game, and it felt fresh and exciting. I loved the lore and how Waystone wove it into the game. For those who don't know, EA decided to pull the plug on Dawngate. Servers are going to go down in 90 days and the game will be gone forever. If you were ever curious about the game, now's the time to try it. You can interact with it. And it will probably never have a hand of midas item.

What it does have, though, are nodes at the four corners of the map called spirit wells that generate passive vim over time as workers gather it. These workers possess a vim bounty for the other team, and these wells can be captured, king of the hill style.


They lock at the beginning of the game and for 5 minutes once captured. And they're called Shapers. This is obviously highly subjective, but I enjoy several shapers despite there being almost no one in the pool at the moment. And if you call them heroes or champions?

No one really cares. That's automatic points in my book. These become available at level 1, 10, and They include blink which is trash in this game , smite, and most of the other League summoners, but they're free. I'm a big fan of Tailwind, and it's always nice to have a BKB skill in the game minus magic immunity, but I'll take what I can get.

You can pay vim to respec them at any time.


As far as I can tell they do their best to prevent bots from stealing them posting them physically ON a twitch stream and make them multi-use so that about a quarter of viewers can get in on any given giveaway, and your chances are probably better than that since many people with keys watch the screens. Mirror matches in normal queue were one of the things I hated most about League, and I played when there were far more champions than Dawngate has shapers right now.

They do an okay job differentiating effects, but I hate it. Hard to put my finger on why, but ugh.

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It also constrains their design, I think, but it's a necessity for now and I think many players will be too used to it for it to every go away. Luckily, very few people actually do it in the beta I suspect many don't know how , but I've already won games after my team tried to surrender. I admit a lot of people are also used to this and it's probably never going away. No active items is kind of sad. Also, the item cost-effectiveness varies hugely amongst tiers for the different "sets" of items.

It's fairly intuitive, but a few items shine so much more than the others that I often feel like I'm building the same thing every game. I never liked that feeling in League or DotA. They claim to be working on it, but I'm fairly skeptical. This is true in every game like this, but like many of these there's an issue due to the small hero pool. Raina is probably the best example of this. You can pretty much afk and do absolutely awful skill builds on her, but the things she brings to the table are too good to screw up.

I want to play. Some people aren't as new as others, and get really frustrated when players are really, really new. Matchmaking is really hit and miss, of course, but what can you do with so few people? Personally, I think Fenmore became evil in the hopes of slaying the photographer that took this picture.

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Varion harbored a deep anger towards his parents for not telling him his face would stick that way. I think I only make this face if I really need to use the restroom. Don't play any of these characters and try to convince your teammates not to so you don't have them staring at you all game.

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  • Kevin Sheehan's Design Journal!
  • Its made by EA and requires an Origin account Sounded cool briefly but screw origin lol. Found this game the other day and it looks interesting but looks soooooo similar to league. On October 03 I got into the beta the other day and started playing it and I'm extremely impressed. I felt a lot of the same positives that the OP listed, but because I played the other games mostly casually I didn't really feel the negatives were that negative I don't really mind no on use items, mirror matches will inevitably be removed and I think a surrender option is awesome, personally.

    As others have said, there's no need to download origin's shitty program. One thing not brought up in the OP is how they do a much better job handling snowballing in this. Regenerating towers and relatively high survivability at lower levels really makes you feel like you're still in the game until it goes waaaaaaaay too far. I've only played about 5 games, so maybe things will be different later, but I'm extremely pleased with the way the game is going so far. I love the simple launcher, the game starts in no time after a relatively long character selection timer, but I'm ok with that , and I think the graphics are a good blend of the more natural, "blurry" dota 2 linework and models, and the color of LoL.

    Of course this is subjective, but I'm a fan of that stuff.