Hiring a dating coach

Serious, professional help — a teacher, coach, cheerleader, and critic. I wanted to date, have fun and have sex.

Relationship coach shares his top dating tips to get noticed

So I looked into hiring a dating coach. I was lucky that both Craig and Erik lived in my neighborhood in NYC, and were conducting a group seminar near my home. As is my nature, I showed up to the meeting 5 minutes early. Women just naturally want to have sex with him. What I can say with absolute certainty, though, is that Craig has gotten what he has wanted from women, and then some.

What hiring a dating coach is like

I personally observed Craig introduce himself to beautiful ladies, exchange contact information, and set dates. Craig made it look so easy, and after undergoing some coaching of my own, I realized that once you know what to do, it really is easy. I met a fitness model from London who was in town on vacation, and I was interested in getting to know her better.

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Thanks to what I learned through coaching, we had sex a few short hours later. It felt almost like magic. I thank my coaches for decoding the mystery of male-to-female communication, attraction and dating.

I Hired a Dating Coach! Here’s What Happened…

Now that several years have passed since my coaching experience, I consider both Erik and Craig lifelong friends and wonderful, positive, life-changing influences. If I can create the life I always desired, with a little help, so can you.

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  • I Hired a Dating Coach! Here’s What Happened….
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I sat on a panel of dating experts recently, and someone in the audience asked: I explained that your friends, although well intentioned, are attached to your outcome. They know you well. What they tell you is often either what they think you want to hear or informed by their own fears and biases. Let me tell you about Shannon. She and Forrest had met online and had been dating for three months.

She wanted the relationship to go somewhere, but it felt stalled. He seemed perfectly happy with how things were going. They usually had a good time together, but she could not figure out if this was the guy for her. Shannon tended to pull away. Forrest was a little oblivious about the niceties.

  • I Hired a Dating Coach! Here’s What Happened….
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Were they just hanging on because the alternative was stressful? Were they compatible or not?

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Shannon was losing faith in her instincts. She started to reach out to friends and family for advice.

Hire a dating coach and see positive change in your love life

Her sister, Danielle, was in a shaky relationship—a ten year marriage that included two kids. Cut the cord, she said, before you get in any deeper. There were plenty of other people with ready advice for Shannon—her mother, colleagues, her Aunt Maggie, a year-old nun…. They all had their own agendas.


It was kind of a mess…. Then Shannon called me. So what can a dating coach do? For one thing, give honest feedback.