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She has interviewed Barack Obama. I respect her words and i believe he say it like it is and is reflective of real life in Cuba today. Why would she need to fabricate her reports. Also I think that you who have lived in Cuba for the past 14 years is in a better position to.. You are certainly not an expert on the emotional issues which affect victims of domestic abuse.

Or is that an area you also specialize in.?

Perhas you could provide us with an example of your own personal experience, which might be a lot more realistic. NEVER claimed to be an expert on emotional abuse issues. In fact, I think Havana and I tire of reiterating it: I invite you to read 6 years of posts here, google me and my writing of my own personal experience.

You do seem to have a bee in your bonnet regarding Yoani Sanches. Why do you dismiss her work?. She is highly respected globally for her blogs. Published in the Huffington Post and many other international and national newspapers. Could it be that her words have struck a sensitive chord in you, and reflfect what you have experienced during your 14 years of marriage to a Cuban man?.

Love and Trust in Cuba

Or is it plain jealousy at her worldwide popularity and acclaim?. I have travelled extensively around Cuba and spoken with many Cuban women. Almost all of them have confirmed that what Yoani has written to be true. The women confirm that their male partners in the main are verbally and emotionally abusive, in many cases also violent.

Cuban men are always very charming at the beginning of the relationship but that charm soon fades into a more macabre reality as soon as they have hooked the woman in. The mask drops as soon as they are living together and he morphs into a Jekyll and Hyde character. Many of mothers who have experienced violence now have children receiving psychological help as a result of the violence they have witnessed.

She is passionate about what she writes, hence her popularity globally. She was born there has lived ther all her life. Although you opined to the contrary and on super slow Cuban dial up. There are many people writing for Cuba who do a much better job Ravsberg, E Diaz and 2 she is constantly cherry picking her analysis and as a political scientist yes, another hat I wear , this is just shoddy work.

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Please do not draw libelous conclusions about my husband, my marriage and our relationship — as far as I know you know neither of us and any readers that do feel free to weigh in!! Generation Y is read by millions globally. She does not trivialize Cuba by writing about bodily functions or borrowing a tampax or heavy metal bands. She tells it like it is, the truth as it is in Cuba today.

She has written about the hot topic never covered by the Cuban media — domestic violence, she has also covered bullying in schools. She has taken a huge risk in doing so. If she did chose to return from Europe that is surely her choice, it does not reflect on her popularity or success. Many Cuban com men who trick women into sham marriages and are flown abroad, also return when they realise that life is not a bed of roses in Europe or Canada and they have to work for a living, the state does not mollycoddle them as it does in Cuba, so they return home to Momma and the state handouts, raciones, free healthcare and education etc.

Wow, you are a dog with a bone!!

I write about all sorts of topics — trivial and dead serious. Since my paid writing gigs are usually dead serious, my blog is where I get cathartic writing relief. If you find it so trivial, feel free to click away. I left a comment here back in telling the story of how I met my Cuban and how wonderful things were.

There are certainly differences between his culture and mine. But, besides for these trivial things, he is a VERY good person. I mean, unless he has a lunch break lover that never calls or texts, he has never given me a second to think otherwise. When he craves a night out on the town, he always wants to enjoy it WITH me.

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He is also certainly not using me for money. He gets jealous and he likes a hot meal at the end of the day…but he also cleans the house on the weekends, does all of the laundry, and goes grocery shopping. I guess my point is, there are good ones out there. This may or may not be true, but I think that the people who have been hurt and betrayed are the ones that are more likely to contribute their experiences as a means to vent.

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Ive always maintained that there are good ones out there. So I just came across this and your other post s! I am a 24 year old European young lady and met a young handsome guy in Cuba. We spent over a week together, spending multiple nights together and met by coincidence when I bought his paintings from a gallery place in Trinidad. Now I feel like since I have been back 2 weeks ago, I have already went thru a cycle of traditional emotions that people with Cuban love interests go thru.

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  8. Long story short, I got scared, told him thru mail my concerns your confidence is only so strong , and made him dissapointed in my bad judgement. Next I put those negative thoughts aside and decided to book a trip back to Cuba in 2 months! Just because I feel like I want to know where things could go between me and him.

    We have this connection and childhood similarities I have never had with someone before. So this is all awesome. On the subject of machismo I have noticed certain things.. He noticed I am pretty much a free bird when it comes to living life and sightseeing. On the other hand when we went to the club together he told me he was afraid of leaving me alone to dance when he needed to go to the bathroom, in fear I would dance with another man.

    That being said, we split ways when I left for home and we decided to keep in touch. However, I think he has many opportunities in his surroundings as he was with another woman less than a month before we met. Good luck and hang tough!

    8 Things You Need To Know Before Dating A Cuban Papi and Ruining Your Life

    I met my Cuban 2 years ago and fell hopelessly in love. He too quicker than me he even had my initial tattooed on his arm. Shortly after we met he returned to Cuba for a month on his return all changed.

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    6. The macho ism and drinking got out of control. Our sex life was amazing but I started to have my doubts about his fidelity I saw messages from his ex in Cuba stating her heart was like a stone since he left. He took to calling Cuba from beurofax to talk to his son… his sin was 3 and did not talk but he would be on the phone for an hour and I was not permitted to join him. Eventually his drinking and violence took a toll and I threw him out … He we t straight to the arms of a Lithuanian 18 year old student he is He moved in with her but kept coming back to ne telling me he loved me but we had problems ….

      I am finding so much of his culture hard to accept… The fact that male friends take priority over the women that it us nothing to cancel a meal with ne to go with a friend and tell me nothing. That flirting and going with other women is acceptable.. I love him with all my heart nut I am not sure I can do this… do I become Cuban and forget my English culture? We live in Spain his culture is not acceptable here either. Im sorry to hear of your plight. You did right to kick him to the curb. He sounds like a bum!

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      Cuban women are a breed all their own, with amazing coping and other survival mechanisms. Cross cultural relationships are very very tough and it sounds like yours is better filed under: I met a sexy Cuban man who told me he was married to a friend for the green card. He neglected to tell me they lived together. Ever since, I desire a Cuban man. So many are very sexy. I tried searching for a Cuban dating site, but I suspect they are not too tech savvy. When I see a Cuban man, I get so shy because I am overwhelmed by the attraction that I cannot function!