Zombies matchmaking black ops 3

I never get connected with people close to my region Ontario, Canada and almost always have ping issues with this game, and this game only.

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Also, it's so hard to even find a proper public zombies match and it takes a very long time to find people. The "searching for match" text dissapears after around 20 seconds. Showing 1 - 5 of 5 comments. Works best if you find your players somewhere other than joining a public game.

Join a Zombies group or post here for a game.

Is Zombies Matchmaking Broken? :: Call of Duty: Black Ops III General Discussions

Isn't there dedicated servers? I never have this issue with other games; I have friends in other countries that still are able to play properly with me in say, CS: Batnip View Profile View Posts. There is serious issue with zombies matchmaking. Everytime i try to play zombies i wait approx hours for game.

Im from Czech Republic and matchmaking is looking only for players from Czech Republic. Its seriously pain in ass to wait that long to find group of 4. It matches me with players from different countries.

Thanks for any advice. Hello, I have a similar problem.

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I am from Poland and matchmaking is looking for people only from my country. It works ok in multiplayer, it's only broken in zombies.

I have the same issue playing on PC. I wasn't able to find a single online game. Looks like the matchmaking ping rules are very strickt.

Black Ops 3: Zombies — Matchmaking [Match 1] [Episode 1]

I have NAT open as well. I can find a public game in Ghosts: Extinction with ease, for crying out loud. But I wasn't able to play a single match of Zombies in Spaceland.

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I was waiting in the lobby for upwards of 15 minutes and more without being connected to a single player. Same problem here on the Xbox One. And the recent friends option does NOT show up under recent friends under friends list area. Also can not get a multiplayer zombie game going.

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NAT type is Moderate. No issues with any of my other games. Hope this get's fixed soon. All I want to do i play some zombies with other people. There are a lot of people with this problem so it should be fixed.

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